Steve Brown


Hi, thanks for dropping by.......I am a leading Tauranga & Mount Maunganui wedding photographer and I specialise in beautiful, creative and documentary wedding photography in the Bay of Plenty and beyond.
I believe I am one of the most popular wedding photographers in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, with weddings covering the whole of NZ through to Rarotonga and our own photographic studio for those invitation portraits.

A wedding is a happy occasion full of love, laughter and spontaneity - so why not have pictures which reflect that?

For me, the most important part of the wedding photography is to make you feel something when you look through your wedding photographs. The initial ‘wow’ factor is great, and something I work really hard on creating for every client.   I believe that my genuine interest in people and my dedication to beauty and art shows through in my pictures. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 I was chosen as a finalist for Best Wedding Photographer at the Wedding Industry Awards. In 2015 I won the Wedding Industry Awards: Most Outstanding Photographer of the Year. Coincidently my wife, Jackie has been nominated for the best celebrant award in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well. My wedding photographs have been published in several magazines such as ZE magazine, Woman’s Day, and have won competitions for women’s weekly magazine.

As well as wedding photography, I  shoot commercial, fashion, boudoir and fine art however I turned my camera to towards weddings when Jackie became a celebrant, the synergy of working with your wife who is also my best friend is magic, both having talents that complement each other's profession. 250 weddings later we believe we are the “ring masters”, because your wedding is the most important show in earth to us.

As your wedding photographer I never forget it's your wedding day - not my photo shoot. I promise you'll have great wedding photos, look amazing and have a great time too.

Wedding photography should be more than just having someone take a few snaps. Apart from your marriage itself - it's the longest lasting part of your wedding day.

Chances are you've never been photographed as intensively as you will be at your wedding. Make sure the pictures are what you want - and the photographer is someone you'll enjoy having around.

Knowing something about your photographer is a must ...

  • One of our favourite trends at Bay of Plenty Weddings is when couples opt for the post-wedding "Rock the Frock" photo session, which is included in some of our collections.
  • We've seen newlyweds jumping off jetty’s, thrashing through the surf, climbing trees, riding horses and even dousing themselves with paint!
  • I approach weddings and lifestyle portrait photography in a way that leads to an intimate and artful expression resulting in images that reflect your unique personality, capturing the natural mood of the day that will be cherished in your family for years to come. Take a look around – and if you like my vision I’d love for you to get in touch!